Thursday, April 11, 2013

Video, as in to your XV party

Can you imagine a music video with a super production?, Dare!

If you want to be a real rock star, the bottom line is to contact experts in the field. They make your video look like the ones in MTV and not another home video. The video format may be the simple shooting scenes where only simple or choreography, or even the film type, depending on your computer you count the expert.

In this video you can participate with you, your parents and siblings, but also your inner circle of friends. The idea is that these images are supported by significant and contemporary music.

For example, if you love a Katy Perry song, or even the Black Eyed Peas, feel free to copy the choreography or the history of his video to play on yours. Or if you love the song but have in mind your own dance move, Dare to let your creativity go!

It is important to lean in stunning scenery, places that have a special meaning for you and at the same time projecting and exploit your personality. Get ready, because surely you run, you will dance, scream and sing in the company of all the actors involved in this recall invaluable.

Something else you should consider is the dress you'll be using. As in the photos, is careful with excesses in fashion so that as the years pass and be an adult, do not be worth re-viewing with people who were not close to you in those magical moments.

This type of work requires at least a full day of your time, but in the end you will receive a great reward So cheer to make your own video!